Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

I’ve always thought there were only two reasonable interpretations of quantum mechanics; Copenhagen (lots of dead cats, very unsatisfying) and many worlds (even more unsatisfying than dead cats) but today I learned about QBism and I was blown away. I seriously think this is (until now at least) the best interpretation; It is concerned with the interpretation of the  observer which is embedded in the system instead of seeing an observer as an outsider to the universe.

Schrödinger thought that the Greeks had a kind of hold over us — they saw that the only way to make progress in thinking about the world was to talk about it without the “knowing subject” in it. QBism goes against that strain by saying that quantum mechanics is not about how the world is without us; instead it’s precisely about us in the world. The subject matter of the theory is not the world or us but us-within-the-world, the interface between the two.