“God made the integers; all else is the work of man.” [link]


One of my RAID disks died last week unfortunately, although I already knew those Seagate 1TB Barracuda disks are not to be trusted. Bought some new WD Red disks, rebuild the RAID array and everything is working again after 5 days of down-time 🙂

[git] Issues fixed

I actually managed to lock myself out of my WordPress acount by setting 2FA without any backup (I had to learn it the hard way I guess…). So I had to re-install everything but everything is up and running again. The Git repository was down for a short while but it can be accessed now. […]


An amazing re-release of works by Soichi Terada by the Dutch label Rush Hour Music came out recently. He composed the score for various video games, including the Ape Escape series, and also produced some awesome electronic music. Website of Terada’s label; Far East Recording. Terada majored in Computer Science and Electric Organ and after […]

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

I’ve always thought there were only two reasonable interpretations of quantum mechanics; Copenhagen (lots of dead cats, very unsatisfying) and many worlds (even more unsatisfying than dead cats) but today I learned about QBism and I was blown away. I seriously think this is (until now at least) the best interpretation; It is concerned with […]

PCBA demand forecasting using an evolving Takagi-Sugeno system

The publication we’ve written is now included in the IEEE Xplore library! I am super excited, you can access the paper by clicking the following link. Also the Git repository containing the algorithm and a short demo is still live and can be accessed through the following url: You can copy and paste this […]

[proftpd] Slow directory listing when using ftps

When I moved from sftp to ftps I experienced extremely slow directory listing (regardless of the client I used Cyberduck/Filezilla). I first suspected something was wrong with the passive mode (maybe it fell back to active mode or something) as I am behind a NAT router after all. In the end it turned out to […]