PCBA demand forecasting using an evolving Takagi-Sugeno system

The publication we’ve written is now included in the IEEE Xplore library! I am super excited, you can access the paper by clicking the following link. Also the Git repository containing the algorithm and a short demo is still live and can be accessed through the following url: https://triangle1.net/repo/ReTS.git/. You can copy and paste this when creating a new project in RStudio or just use the Git command line to clone.

I actually made some additions to the algorithm such as variable cluster radii and tidied up the code a bit more in preparation for a new publication or conference, just didn’t have had the time yet to start writing and implement the new ideas. I am planning to update this site with some info and background on fuzzy self-learning algorithms, I’ll hope someone will find it useful and apply or modify the algorithm I have written.

If you are interested in machine learning, fuzzy systems and time series prediction you should definitely check this out though. I would like to thank Rui and Uzay from the Eindhoven Technical University for their great help and knowledge.