Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

I’ve always thought there were only two reasonable interpretations of quantum mechanics; Copenhagen (lots of dead cats, very unsatisfying) and many worlds (even more unsatisfying than dead cats) but today I learned about QBism and I was blown away. I seriously think this is (until now at least) the best interpretation; It is concerned with […]

PCBA demand forecasting using an evolving Takagi-Sugeno system

The publication we’ve written is now included in the IEEE Xplore library! I am super excited, you can access the paper by clicking the following link. Also the Git repository containing the algorithm and a short demo is still live and can be accessed through the following url: You can copy and paste this […]

[proftpd] Slow directory listing when using ftps

When I moved from sftp to ftps I experienced extremely slow directory listing (regardless of the client I used Cyberduck/Filezilla). I first suspected something was wrong with the passive mode (maybe it fell back to active mode or something) as I am behind a NAT router after all. In the end it turned out to […]

Https and Green Padlocks

So I’ve finally managed to get the TLS certificates working for all websites running on this server (note the green padlock on the left hand side next to the url, yay!). To get marked save by the major browsers I had to ditch all the embedded stuff (Soundcloud etc.)  so I converted everything to plain […]